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"Launched in 2013, iNOTZ is medical transcription replacement software that you will actually want to use."

Imagine your tedious routine work being cut so you are more productive and are better able to concentrate on improving your outcomes. With iNOTZ your time is released and note taking becomes an intuitive process that supports the consultation.

How it works
OnICS iNOTZ is an easy-to-use, oncology documentation system, specifically developed by oncologists, for oncologists. It is accessible either via a web browser or through a dedicated iPhone/iPad or Android device app. It allows you to focus on the patient while intuitive point-and-click menus instantly assimilate data into a complete, coded, full-text clinical record.

Immediate time savings
Prove to yourself within a few minutes of using iNOTZ there really isn’t a learning curve, within the first week you will be generating significant time savings.

More efficient billing
With integrated coding your billing can be potentially automated.

Ethical and transparent relationship
We have multiple payment options available ranging from monthly to annually, and can at cancel at any time. We see this as good practice ensuring our focus is on your needs.

Data Security
Your clinical data like medicine it needs a specialist, which is why we choose an award winning zero-downtime hosting partner with unlimited access 24x7x365.

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